A new year with a “new” heart

Chinese New Year is around the corner and it is common to celebrate with festive snacks which may have high salt content despite they do not taste salty. Salt is a mineral and made up of sodium and chloride. We need sodium to maintain blood pressure, support the optimum function of nerves and muscles as... Continue Reading →

Sugars & Sweeteners

What is the difference between sugar types and sweeteners? Are they all the same? Are they safe to eat? What are the impact to your blood glucose levels and control? Read more for further information!  

The Problem With Sugar

Sugar free diets are the new ‘in thing’ and the emphasis has been turned from having low fat foods to low sugar instead. Sugar is widely known to be number one on the ‘avoid’ list of foods, especially with those with diabetes, as it can cause high blood sugar levels. In Singapore, roughly 1 in... Continue Reading →

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