Facts on Fats

Fats are essential to our health. They play an important role in our body, for example, providing energy, acting as a cushion to protect vital organs and transporting fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A which is good for eye health. A moderate good amount of fats is needed in the diet. However, fat may lead... Continue Reading →

Is the gluten-free diet for me?

First of all, WHAT IS GLUTEN ANYWAYS? There has been a surge in the amount of gluten-free products like pasta, biscuits invading our supermarkets these days. Has anyone else noticed? They usually are located in the ‘health food’ section and also come with a heavier price tag than your favourite crackers. If they are ‘healthy’... Continue Reading →

Topic of JUNE: Diet and Gout

There are a few misconceptions surrounding diet for people with gout and high uric acid. It is not uncommon to hear comments such as ‘beans are high in purine’ or ‘people with gout should avoid tofu’. Most uric acid in the body is made by body, while purine in food contributes to small fraction of... Continue Reading →

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