Eat Right, Live Light!

Has weight been an issue that is bothering up or your loved ones?   Blog 1

Want to lose weight but don’t know how? Want to cook but don’t know how or don’t have time?

During last Saturday’s weight management forum, our dietitian shared some strategies on how to have a healthy diet for a healthy weight. Our chefs also demonstrated two quick, simple and healthy recipes.

Here’s a quick recap for those who missed it!

Blog 21. Quality of food

  • Remove skin and visible fats
  • Healthier cooking methods – limiting the amount of oil used for cooking is key!

Blog 3

  • Pre-portion the amount of oil you want to use for cooking instead of pouring by “feel”
  • Choose soup options when eating outside
  • Choose plain rice instead of flavoured rice
  • Limit gravy and sauces
  • Choose lower sugar drinks (e.g kopi-siew dai)

2. Quantity 

Blog 4Blog 5

3. Frequency

If the food quality and quantity is not so desirable but you still want to eat it, think about when you last ate it. Limit your frequency of intake!

Try out our healthier recipes below!


If you have any general inquiries about diet and nutrition, you can contact us at our

Call-A-Dietitian hotline 983-22-983 !

Brought to you by Ho Yan Yee, Dietitian of Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

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